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Fanciful Gardens®

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Our Fanciful Gardens® collections will expand your plant palette with over 125 Colorful Conifers®. These select assortments offer many imaginative ways to create custom railway gardens, holiday displays, rock gardens and container plantings with dwarf conifers.

Our traditional Fancy Four packages are available in a wide assortment of plant combinations in cute little four inch pots. These are the originals that we have presented to you for over 15 years.

Our new Fancy Six package is a growing selection of premium grafted plants in handy six inch pots. Our Fancy Six offerings are carefully selected for their extraordinary performance in a smaller package than previously available. Excellent starters for the adventurous gardener and outdoor room designer.

All of our Fanciful Gardens® plants are excellent choices for the smaller dwarf conifer garden and are well suited for container gardening on the urban balcony, deck or patio.

 Click here to see our Featured Packages


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